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Cereal and soya bean production and food security in China: Challenges and opportunities

Professor Yuncheng Liao,
Professor Kadambot H.M Siddique,
Professor Lixiang Wang,
Assistant Professor Yajun Li,
Assistant Professor Xiaolaing Qin
Introduction China’s GDP has increased steadily since 1949, reaching 63,646 billion Renminbi (1038 billion US dollars) in 2014 to become the world’s second largest economy (1) (Fig. 1).  In recent years, China’s food security has received attention from researchers and policy makers (2, 3). In 2011, China had 20% of global food production (4). Future trends in grain production, consumption and import will affect food prices in the region (5) and food security is a high priority of …


Innovative agroforestry for livelihood security in India

S.B. Chavan,
Dr S.K. Dhyani,
Dr A.K. Handa,
Professor Parkash Toky
Agroforestry is practised by millions of farmers worldwide, and has been a feature of agricul­ture for millennia.  It encompasses a wide range of trees that are grown on farms and in rural landscapes, and includes the generation of science-based tree enter­prise opportunities that can be important in the future (1).  As per the World Bank 2004 report an estimated 1.2 billion rural people cur­rently practise agroforestry on their farms and in their communities and depend upon its …