World Agriculture Editorial Board


Professor Yang Bangjie, Member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China. (China)

Lord Cameron of Dillington, Chair of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Agriculture and Food for Development. (UK)

Maxwell D. Epstein, Dean Emeritus, International Students and Scholars, University of California, Los Angeles.(USA)

Sir Crispin Tickell, GCMG, KCVO, formerly, British Ambassador to the Mexico and the United Nations and the UK’s Permanent Representative on the UN Security Council (UK)

Managing Editors

Professor Denis J Murphy, BA, DPhil. (UK)

Crop biotechnologist, University of South Wales

Dr David Frape, BSc, PhD, PG Dip Agric, CBiol, FRSB, FRCPath, RNutr.

Mammalian patho-physiologist,

Dr Ben Aldiss, BSc, PhD, CBiol, FRSB, FRES

Ecologist, entomologist and educationalist,

Regional Editors in Chief

Professor Zhu Ming

President of CSAE & President of CAAE Scientist & MOA Consultant for Processing of Agricultural Products & Agricultural Engineering, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering

Professor Xiuju Wei

BS, MS, PhD (China)

Executive Associate Editor in Chief of TCSAE, Soil, irrigation & land rehabilitation engineer

Editorial Board

Animal physiology and nutrition

Professor Sir Brian Heap, CBE, BSc, MA, PhD, ScD, FRSB, FRSC, FRAgS, FRS (University of Cambridge, UK)

Climate Science

Professor Andrew Challinor, BSc, PhD (University of Leeds, UK)

Dr Pete Falloon, BSc, MSc PhD (Meteoroligal Office, UK)

Professor Mei Xurong, BS, PhD Director of Scientific Department, CAAS (China)

Meteorological scientist

Crop Science and ecology

Professor Phil Brookes BSc, PhD, DSc (Rothamsted Research, UK)

Professor Pramod Kumar Aggarwal, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. (India), Ph.D. (Netherlands), FNAAS (India), FNASc (India)

Robert Cook, BSc, CBiol, FRSB. (UK)

Dr David Cooper, BSc, PhD (UK)

Professor Peter Gregory, BSc, PhD, CBiol, FRSB, FRASE, FCIHort, ARAgS (University of Reading, UK)

Professor Howard Griffiths, BSc, PhD, FRSB, FLS (University of Cambridge, UK) Chairman of World Agriculture Management Committee.

Professor Fengmin Li, BSc, MSc, PhD, (China)

Agroecologist, University of Lanzhou

Professor Jacqueline Rowarth, PhD, CNZM, CRSNZ, FNZIAHS (New Zealand)

Professor Changrong Yan, BS,  PhD (China)

Ecological scientist, CAAS, Beijing

Electronics and Engineering

Professor Gehan Amaratunga BSc, PhD, FREng, FRSA, FIET, CEng. (University of Cambridge, UK & Sri Lanka)

Veterinary Science

Professor Chris J Gaskell BVSc, PhD, DVR, MRCVS

Genetics and Plant Breeding

Dr Tina Barsby, OBE, BSc, PhD, Chief Executive, NIAB-EMRS (NIAB, UK)

Professor J. Perry Gustafson, BSc, MS, PhD (University of Missouri, USA)
Plant geneticist

Hamad Abdulla Mohammed Al Mehyas B.Sc., M.Sc. (UAE)

Forensic Geneticist, Daman Health, UAE,

Professor John Snape, BSc PhD (UK)

Crop geneticist, John Innes Centre and CIMMYT, Mexico

Tropical Agriculture

Dr Jillian Lenne B.Agr.Sci., Ph.D; D.Agr.Sci. (UK and Australia)

Dr Serge Ngendakumana, PhD, MSc, Ir, BSc. (Burundi)

Advisor to Government of Burundi

Dr Christie Peacock, CBE, BSc, PhD, FRSA, FRAgS, Hon. DSc, FRSB (UK & Kenya)

Tropical Agriculturalist, SIDAI

Prof. Antonio Costa de Oliveira <> BRAZIL

Dr Rajeev Varshney, (ICRISAT) <R.K.Varshney@CGIAR.ORG> INDIA


Professor R.H. Richards, C.B.E., M.A., Vet. M.B., Ph.D., C.Biol., FRSB, FRSM, MRCVS, FRAgS (UK). Aquaculturalist, University of Sterling


Professor Glen M. MacDonald, BA, MSc, PhD (USA)

Geographer, University of California, LA

Professor Om Parkash Toky, MSc, PhD, FNAAS, (India)

Forest Ecologist, Agroforester and Silviculturist Emeritus Scientist, CSS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India

Crop Physiology

Professor Neil C. Turner, FTSE, FAIAST, FNAAS (India), BSc, PhD, DSc, (Australia)

Crop physiologist, University of Western Australia, Perth

Editorial Assistants

Dr. Zhao Aiqin BSc, MSc (China) Ph.D. (USA)

Soil Scientist Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering, Beijing

Ms Sofie Aldiss BSc (UK)

Rob Coleman BSc MSc (UK)

Michael J.C. Crouch BSc, MSc (Res) (UK)

Kath Halsall BSc, MSc. (UK)

Dr Wang Liu. BSc, Ph.D (China) Horticulturalist

Dr Philip Taylor BSc, MSc, PhD (UK)

Editorial Office

Script Media Group

47 Church Street

Barnsley S70 2AS

Tel: 01226 734734

Editorial Office

Script Media Group

47 Church Street

Barnsley S70 2AS

Tel: 01226 734734