About us

A peer-reviewed, scientific open access journal for opinion formers, decision makers, policy makers and farmers

Articles will provide clear, unbiased and factual accounts of development in, or affecting, world agriculture and food security. They will interpret the influence of related subjects (including climate, forestry, fisheries and human population, economics, transmissible disease, ecology) on these developments. An important objective is to assist decision-makers to ensure policies and methods are evidence-based and sustainable.

All articles will be independently refereed and must create interest in the reader, post a challenge to the conventional thought and create discussion. Each will:

  • Explain likely consequences of the directions that policy, or development, is taking. This will include interactive effects of climate change, population growth and distribution, economic and social factors, food supplies, transmissible disease evolution, oceanic changes and forest cover.

  • Provide independent and objective guidance to encourage the adoption of technical innovations and new knowledge.

  • Discourage false short-sighted policies and loose terminology, e.g. "organic", "genetically modified", "basic", "progress" and encourage informed comment on policies of governments and NGOs.

  • Indicate the essential role of biodiversity and climate, not only in the context of agricultural and forestry development, but by maintaining environmental balance, to ensure the sustenance and enjoyment of all.

  • Summarise specific issues and draw objective conclusions concerning the opportunities for agriculture to develop and encourage response in the┬álocation/region of each enterprise, to evolving factors that inevitably affect development

  • Promote expertise for advising on world agriculture development and related subjects.

  • Allow interested readers to comment on individual articles or editorials. All comment will be open to site visitors and unedited.

  • Provide book and report views of selected works of major significance.

We also accept "Opinion & Comment" reviews. These will allow skilled individuals to express rational evidence based views. These should be based on a logical argument and sound deductions.