Author: Dr Sara Boettiger

Smart Metrics and Data Management Strategies for Public Private Partnerships

Dr Sara Boettiger
Glossary Impact investing: The practice of investing in companies, NGOs, programs, projects, and funds with the explicit intention of generating both financial returns on the investment as well as social and environmental impacts. Private sector: For the purpose of this paper, the private sector consists of organizations with private interest goals (for-profit) rather than public interest goals. It is recognized that the lines between public and private sectors are not definitive. There …


Scaling Up Technology Adoption Among Poor Farmers: the Case of Seed

Dr Sara Boettiger
Summary Agricultural development programmes have a long history of working toward the adoption of improved crop cultivars among poor farmers. The potential food security impacts of adopting improved cultivars are well documented and critical advances have been delivered by public plant breeding research over the decades. Adoption rates, however, still remain low and there is increasing interest in understanding why so few improved cultivars have been adopted at scale, by large …