Author: Dr Pete Falloon

Using climate information to support crop breeding decisions and adaptation in agriculture

Dr Ann-Kristin Koehler,
Professor Sarah Gurr,
Professor Suraje Dessai,
Professor Andrew J Challinor,
Dr Mike Bushell,
Professor John Bryant,
Dr Dan Bebber,
Dr Pete Falloon
Summary Population growth in the next few decades will increase the need for food production, while the yields of major food crops could be impacted by the changing climate and changing threats from pests and pathogens. Crop breeding, both through conventional techniques, and GM assisted breeding could help meet these challenges, if adequately supported by appropriate information on the future climate.   We highlight some of the major challenges for crop breeders and growers in the …


Interactions between orogeny, climate and land use in the Semiarid Loess Plateau, China

Dr Pete Falloon
Glossary Land cover change: the replacement of one land cover type by another, e.g., due to expansion of croplands, deforestation, or a change in urban extent. Land management change: a change in how humans treat vegetation, soil, and water for a specific purpose – for instance the use of fertilizers and    pesticides, irrigation, use of introduced grass species for pasture, the tree species used in reforestation and     livestock movement. Albedo: is the fraction of solar energy …