Author: Dr Helen Wallace

Response to Professor Anthony Trewavas & Martin Livermore

Dr Helen Wallace
Trevewas and Livermore clearly take the view that the loss of autonomy for poorer farmers associated with purchasing patented GM seeds is justified by a number of claimed benefits.  However, in practice, GM farming is in crisis as resistant weeds have become widespread in response to the use of glyphosate-resistant GM crops and secondary and resistant pests are causing increasing difficulties for farmers growing insect-resistant GM crops. Despite decades of investment and research, …


What role for GM crops in world agriculture?

Dr Helen Wallace
Summary A critical analysis of claims that genetically modified (GM) crops will play a central role in world agriculture is provided, in the context of current attempts to expand the market for GM seeds in developing countries. It is argued that smallholder farmers and consumers in developing countries should have more say about R&D investments in order to avoid the opportunity costs associated with misallocation of resources. Keywords: Genetically modified crops; food …