Author: Dinaratne Sirisena

The Advent of Nanotechnology in Smart Fertiliser

Veranja Karunaratne,
Gehan A. J. Amaratunga,
Nimal Dissanayake,
Dinaratne Sirisena,
Nadeesh Madusanka,
Imalka Munaweera,
Nilwala Kottegoda
Summary As the planet marches toward a 9 billion population by 2050, of the manifold sustainability issues that humanity will face, fertiliser usage in agriculture will be of critical importance. We must discover methods to produce more food with less fertiliser not only to reduce the cost but also to minimize environmental degradation. Of the elements essential for plant growth, N, P, and K, nitrogen fertilisers, specifically the most widely used is urea, are the most energy …