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Environmental and economic effects of management of weeds in genetically modified, herbicide tolerant (GMHT) sugar beet

Mike May
Summary Post-emergence weed control in sugar beet relies on a sequence of three to four treatments of herbicide mixtures applied when weeds, and crop, are small. The use of glyphosate in genetically modified herbicide tolerant beet would provide growers with a simpler and cheaper system. However, the ability of glyphosate to control a range of weeds at small or large growth stages also provides opportunities to manage weeds for environmental benefit. These include control of pernicious …


Is agricultural development still relevant for sub-Saharan Africa?

Professor Peter Hazell
Introduction The situation in Africa is dire. Even before the recent world food crisis, a stag- gering one in three people and a third of all children were undernourished and more than one half of all Africans (about 300 mil- lion people) lived on less than one dollar per day, and the continent was becoming increasingly dependent on relief aid from abroad. As a result of the recent food price increases, the FAO estimates an addition- al 100 million Africans were driven further …