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World Agriculture Vol.3 No.2 (Winter 2012)
Aquaculture: are the criticisms justified? Feeding fish to fish

 Shepherd, J

Editorial: Economics of GM crops in developing and developed economies

 Marsh, J

Editorial: Targeting good agricultural advice to where it is really needed

 Murphy, D

Editorial: Whither Technology

 Cook, R J

Editorial: Why is it still impossible to hold a worthwhile debate over the…

 Frape, D

GM crops, developing countries and food security

 Areal, F J; Riesgo, L; Rodriguez-Cerezo, E

Land Degradation and the Rural Poor

 Barbier, E B

The global, environmental and economic impact of biotech crops 1996-2010

 Brookes, G; Barfoot, P

Uganda Agrochemical dealers’ practises and interactions with farmers

 Lamontagne-Godwin, J; Taylor, P

World Agriculture Vol.3 No.2 (Winter 2012) Articles: 9